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America's Journey for Justice

  • Saturday, August 01, 2015
  • Wednesday, September 09, 2015
  • Selma, AL to Washington, D.C.

Momentum is building, members, can you feel it? 

America's Journey for Justice is our next bold step in the fight for civil rights. We're getting ready to march 860 miles from Selma—the birthplace of the Voting Rights Act—to the seat of our democracy in Washington. 

We need you on this Journey, whether you come and march in person or support us from afar. Are you in?

The challenges we face today remind me of a story from the Bible—a story I shared with the attendees of the 106th Annual NAACP Convention on Monday. I spoke of "Journeys, Giants, and Grasshoppers."

You may be familiar with this story in the Book of Numbers: God sent 12 men to explore Canaan, the Promised Land, and soon those men encountered the land's inhabitants. Ten men agreed that the people of Canaan were giants—and in the presence of these giants they felt like mere grasshoppers.

But two men disagreed. They refused to fear the people of Canaan despite their size, and believed that a God-given promise would bring them to victory.

Today, our opponents—our oppressors—are better funded and born of privilege. They tell us to see ourselves as grasshoppers in a land of giants. But we aren't insects. Remembering that Dr. Martin Luther King described America as a Promissory Note—we believe that we will make it to the Promised Land of a just America. We are the NAACP. 

We have more than two thousand units in high schools, churches, cities and towns across the nation. We have more than 2.3 million digital activists on our side. And our legacy has endured for more than a century. WE are the giants. 

When we demanded that the Confederate battle flag be removed in South Carolina, they took it down. When we called for Freddie Gray's murderers to be brought to justice, all six of them were charged. 

We get what we fight for because together, we are giants.

Join us on this Journey for Justice. Whether you come and march in person or send your support from home, let us know you're with us: 


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